Coctail Angel's Share

Ingredients : 37.5 (1.25 oz) Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac;37.5 ml (1.25 oz) Nostalgie Black Walnut liqueur;15 ml (.5 oz) Porto Rocha 20 year Tawny;2 to 3 dashes Chartreuse V.E.P. liqueur

Instructions : Pour the Chartreuse into a brandy snifter, and by tilting the glass and rotating it, coat the entire interior of the glass with the liqueur. Discard excess liqueur. Carefully flame the interior of the glass with a match, allow it to burn for a few seconds, then extinguish the flame by placing a saucer on top of the glass. Add the remaining ingredients to the snifter, stir briefly to mix, and serve.

Glass type : brandy snifter

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