Coctail Punch and Judy

Ingredients : 30 ml (1 oz) Martell VSOP;7.5 ml (.25 oz) Old New Orleans Crystal Rum;15 ml (.5 oz) Hendricks Gin;15 ml (.5 oz) Bols Orange Curacao;60 ml (2 oz) pineapple juice;15 ml (.5 oz) fresh lime juice;15 ml (.5 oz) orange juice;15 ml (.5 oz) Partida agave nectar;2 dashes Angostura bitters;4 mint leaves;1 lime wheel, as garnish;freshly grated nutmeg, as garnish

Instructions : Assemble ingredients in a mixing glass with as much love and interest that is healthy (that is to say not in a obsessive fashion, but certainly passionate and perhaps as if you were preparing the drink for someone you respect, admire and love in a platonic fashion)no need to muddle the mint, just throw it inshake properly (hard) and strain over fresh ice in a highball glass. Cut a thinly sliced lime wheel and place on top of the Punch and Judy; add a hearty sprinkle of ground nutmeg directly on the lime wheel.

Glass type : highball

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