Coctail Cafe Brulot

Ingredients : Makes 2 drinks;1 lemon;1 orange;30 ml (1 oz) Cointreau;30 ml (1 oz) brandy;1 cinnamon stick;4 whole cloves;360 ml (1.5) cups hot, strong coffee

Instructions : Remove the lemon and orange peel in one continuous strip so that it forms a spiral. As you peel the fruit, hold it over a brulot bowl (or fondue pot) so that any juices drop into the bowl. Place the lemon peel into the brulot bowl and set over a Sterno heater. Add the Cointreau, brandy and cinnamon stick. Stud the orange peel with the cloves and hold it over the brulot bowl on a fork. Carefully ignite the brandy mixture and ladle the flaming liquid over the orange peel. Slowly pour the coffee into the bowl to extinguish the flames. Ladle the coffee into demitasse cups and sweeten to taste with fresh-squeezed juice from the peeled orange.

Glass type : demitasse cups

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